Worldwide all-round carefree package/individual modular service solutions

Maintenance-Free Software

All IMECS products itself are completely maintenance-free. With the help of

  • Failsafe and transaction based database server technologies
  • One-Click-Installation & Single-File-Technology
  • No frameworks -> avoids large framework updates and high traffic
  • Maximum independence from the operating system and its updates or related disruptions
  • Integrated remote configuration
  • Very small automatic updates

you neither need regular OS/framework updates nor special service/maintenance of our products. A software roll out becomes as simple as it could be.

Worldwide Service & Support

Since 2007 we provide worldwide service and support for our products but also individual service solutions, through to an allround-carefree package. This especially includes service and support ashore but also on board. Starting from professional consulting, system installations, remote administration to any IT service for hard- and software: together with our service partner in Manila, our highly experienced team of experts covers all desired service operations worldwide.

Real-Time Data Services

We provide our customers different standard but also individual real-time data interfaces. Stay always up-to-date by:

  • Automatic master data updates via IMECS data services (background service)
    (e.g. countries, currencies, exchange rates, address databases, seaports, make and supplier catalogs, …)
  • Real-time data interfaces for/to customers, suppliers or 3rd party systems

Migration – Simply Make the Change Now!

  • Data input with modeling the whole company into the ERP system
    (e.g. documentation, equipment, catalogs & items, maintenances, historical data, human resources, …)
  • One-Click Migration from AVECS TiTAN / QDMS / AIDA *
  • One-Click Migration from BLUEFLEET *
  • One-Click Migration from TEOMAKI *
  • One-Click Migration from CODIE *
  • One-Click Migration from 3rd party systems *
  • One-Click Migration from Excel *
  • Video seminars
* conversion tool available

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