IT Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Administration (even asynchronously)

IT Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Administration (even asynchronously)

Manage your Windows IT remotely in real-time or asynchronous (in case of limited connectivity)!


With very low data transmission rates especially designed for temporarily connected or mobile sites with various IT infrastructures.

Your central Admin-Cockpit

Easily manage your entire fleet-IT regardless of your connection status. MIRA supports you with the following powerful key features.

IT Inventory: Hardware & Software at a glance

MIRA scans and indexes automatically the hard- and software of each machine. Get useful machine information such as


– mainboard
 – CPU
– graphic adapters & display
– network
– printer
– data storages
–  drive temperatures
– installed software
– drivers
– services & running processes
– installed OS with service packs and updates
– Autorun tasks
– and many more

Manage, plan & execute your own IT tasks

With the graphical user interface MIRA allows you to build a lot of different and complex IT tasks such as commands, scripts and also built-in tasks. Furthermore you can write scripts in the script editor or import existing batch files or scripts. Plan or run your tasks on single machines, machine groups or even the entire fleet. See the task execution results and also the command line output easily.

Keep passwords secret!

As you get direct access to your MIRA-equipped machines, you no longer need to publish passwords to the crew to execute IT tasks.

This significantly increases IT security.

Transfer, fetch or even execute files

Tired of sending Emails, CDs or even USB-Sticks with scripts, data, software or anything else?


MIRA supports any desired file operation.


Transfer, fetch or even execute files with parameters:

– virus definitions
– documentation
– circulars
– setups
– updates
– log files
– scripts
– and many more


This avoids complicated sending of Emails with splitted attachments, CDs or even USB-Sticks. MIRA automatically compresses, splits and encrypts the data in background and tells you when everything was executed.

File System & Virtual File Explorer

Manage the file system of each machine via the Virtual File Explorer module which is seamlessly integrated in MIRA. Get information of folder and file sizes, see all folders and files on the drives and operate on the file system as you would be live on the machine. Create, change, delete, search, copy or move folders and files in a transaction. Clean-up the file system and remove large or useless files and garbage. You can also transfer or fetch files, they will be automatically compressed by MIRA, to keep traffic low.

Restart, shutdown, lock or hibernate machines

MIRA ships with several built-in system functions, that are often needed by IT Administrators when they maintain their systems. Just to name a few:


– restart, shutdown, lock or hibernate machines


– up- and download files via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP


– ZIP/UnZIP files on your target machines


– manage OS services: start, stop, restart or suspend them

Bad, broken or even no connection?

MIRA was especially designed to automatically work with bad connections.
(e.g. Fleet 77, satellite or other temporary/limited connections)


When you work with MIRA, you don’t have to worry about how any data or commands will be transfered to your machines.
MIRA does the job for you and provides you the result!


In background the entire communication is realized through the IMECS MIRA protocol and TCP/IP. It automatically compresses, encrypts and caches your complete traffic. It also supports auto-resume, so that in case of transferring large files, nothing has to start from the beginning.


The traffic monitor helps you to keep an eye on your data consumption.

Traffic Monitor

See current data traffic of each machine, machine group or even the entire fleet. By using MIRA for the any file and data transfer you stay independent from old email file transfer and see your traffic at a glance.

Work fast! No slow screen sharing

Screen sharing has many disadvantages, especially in case of limited connectivity or slow connections. It requires direct connection to the machine and locks the machine for the duration of administration for other users on-site. Furthermore it causes much traffic and entails a serious safety risk which, as standard users get access to the machine!


MIRA allows you to work in background without slow screen sharing!


Remote administration via MIRA happens in background on the target machine by the installed MIRA client service. The machine does not even need to be online or may have interrupted internet connection. All tasks are processed when the machine has received them, fully automatically.

Reduce travel time & travel costs

Reduce time consuming travels and travel costs. Replace slow and inflexible screen sharing, regardless of your connection status.

MIRA enables you to administrate your fleet-IT from the office or anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Remote Monitoring & Administration of Windows IT
  • Operates in real-time or asynchronous for machines with limited or temporary connectivity 
(e.g. vessels of all kind, ships, airplanes, oil rigs)
  • Automatic data exchange via ultra-slim transfer protocol over TCP/IP 
(no e-mails required)
  • Automatic traffic compression & encryption
  • Traffic Monitor
  • Automatic inventory of the entire IT
  • Virtual File Explorer
  • Automatic acquisition of data regarding hard- & software with more than 3000 system information 
(e.g. CPU, RAM, network, printer, storages, running processes / services, OS, auto run, …)
  • Health Monitor for each machine
  • Remote & graphical command line, free text or modular design
  • Creation & management of custom libraries for IT tasks
 (e.g. command line, scripts, and many more)
  • Direct execution or planning of these tasks for single machines or machine groups
  • Status overview & history of executed tasks with their return value and command line output
  • Download of files from machines (e.g. log files)
  • Transfer of any kind of files to any desired location with optional execution
(e.g. remote installation of software, update antivirus, documents, data, …)
  • Definition of thresholds & warnings (e.g. drive almost full / temperature to high)


  • Reducing costs for external IT by own access via MIRA 
(e.g. agency has to deliver USB device with data: can be done by own IT with less clicks via MIRA)
  • Reducing costs and time for external IT
(e.g. on-site operations)
  • Remote administration in background without disruption of personnel on-site
  • No disadvantages of screen sharing (which causes much traffic, requires direct connection to the machine and locks the machine for the duration of administration for the personnel on-site)
  • Personnel on-site requires less IT skills -> reducing complex correspondence, telephony & e mails
  • Machines need to be online sporadically only
  • More safety by:
    • Avoiding publishing passwords to personnel on-site
    • Executing updates for OS or security software remote
    • Monitoring software installation on-site
    • Monitoring hardware and connected peripherals on-site
  • Costs & safety: early detection and treatment of failures by adjustable warnings
  • Ultra-slim transfer protocol over TCP/IP -> no e-mails required
  • Interfaces for monitoring of additional connected hardware& peripherals
  • More transparency of the IT infrastructure
  • History of the IT infrastructure

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