Data Synchronization & Cloud

Data Synchronization & Cloud

Ultra-small data traffic while all sites and devices are synchronized!

Ultra-small data traffic while all sites and devices are synchronized!

The ERP system provides several ways of connectivity between all company sites and devices. With our specially developed data exchange protocol (DEX) only very small amounts of data is exchanged.

You can use the ERP system conventionally without cloud functionality. To achieve maximum availability and access your data worldwide in real-time you can enable the system to work in cloud mode. The following operation modes are provided (next to others):

  • Own Cloud (server & data hosted in your company)
  • IMECS Cloud (server & data hosted in data center by us)
  • No Cloud (server hosted in your company, synchronization in real-time or asynchronously [in case of limited or temporary connectivity])

These options can also be mixed according to the local circumstances and easily switched every time even during operation. You can work on one or more central servers – always online – or choose a passive and customizable data synchronization (manual or fully automatic). Powered by our unique multi-tier system architecture and our highly scalable transaction-based database server the following benefits are provided:

  • Worldwide completely customizable server architecture according to your needs
  • Supports multi- and/or single-server work mode for all company sites/vessels
  • Very fast automatic or manual data synchronization (in case of multiple servers are used)
  • Ultra-small data traffic by traffic-optimized multi-tier system architecture (TCP/IP)
  • Highly scalable & failsafe database server
  • Very small, fast & automatic software updates for the whole fleet by avoiding large/slow frameworks
  • Still receive data while running fleet-wide software updates
  • Auto-healing features
  • Remote configuration for all servers in case of passive synchronization

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