Migration from MaintSTAR or OrderSTAR to IMECS?

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Due to increased inquiries from interested parties using the MaintSTAR or OrderSTAR software from BUSSDATA, we have decided to write this article. If you are looking for a new, market-established, state-of-the-art and constantly evolving complete solution, you will learn more here about the possibilities we offer.

For most prospects and customers, it is important that the software products they use be maintained and enhanced on a regular basis and that it be compatible with the latest operating system and hardware requirements. Otherwise, there is a risk that software from current operating systems will no longer be properly supported and will have to be “kept alive” at great expense. Also, there are no new features or other improvements in this case.

Furthermore, often required trainings and longtime familiarization putting customers off the idea for a new software solution on board.

The question that many are left with is: “What are the possibilities, without the expense of a completely new system, with all the changes, habituation, and the loss of data, to switch to a future-proof, but still familiar system?” The answer is easy!


Switch to IMECS with data migration

Conversion of your MaintSTAR and OrderSTAR data to IMECS ERP

Thanks to a completely interactive dashboard, trainings become obsolete!

Work parallel with both systems, a reconversion is possible everytime.


Change to IMECS together with our specialists and continue to work with your data from MaintSTAR and OrderSTAR. Our developers can convert your data. If additionally desired, a simple re-modeling by Drag & Drop or by our data service specialists is possible any time. Forget about months of habituation or training on complicated new surfaces and modules. The “Component Tree” or the “Counter List” still exists today, with the latest technologies and strong features, set up for the future. The advantages are apparent.

  • complete and seamless migration by our specialists
  • Conversion of your data (PMS, Purchase and further on request)
  • continue to work seamlessly with your data in IMECS
  • no interruptions during migration (work parallel with both system)
  • familiar UI (user interface): a great deal of adjustment is not necessary
  • switch to a system that is successful in the market for 13 years
  • enjoy state-of-the-art features & technologies such as:
    • Very fast & easy-to-use
    • Multi-tier & real-time
    • Highly scalable & failsafe database server
    • Small, fast & automatic updates
    • Supports multi- and/or single-server work mode for all company sites
    • Modern & unique looking with more than 120 themes/skins
    • Enables completely paperless working
    • No large/slow frameworks
    • Video tutorials
    • various cloud operating modes:
      • Own Cloud
        (server & data hosted in your company)
      • IMECS Cloud
        (server & data hosted in data center by us)
      • No Cloud
        (server hosted in your company, synchronization in real-time or asynchronously [in case of limited or temporary connectivity])

You can find more detailed product information about our system here, or simply give us a call. We would like to hear from you.


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