New IMECS Head Office – Start of New Building

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New IMECS Head Office – Start of New Building

New IMECS Head Office

We are pleased to announce the start of building our new IMECS Head Office on 21-09-2020.

The new building includes one main building and some further outbuildings. According to the most recent status, there will be 200 m² for the main building and 45 m² of outbuildings in Oranienburg. The new premises will be used for reception and training rooms, offices, stock and a workshop. The first outbuildings are already completed and are currently equipped in a modern way to follow the latest technological standards. This includes for example large glass fronts, full air condition and modern office equipment. The construction works will take approximetely the next 18 months. We will inform you about the further progress and the start of construction regarding the main building, as well as invitations for the opening later.

The new building project creates additional jobs in Oranienburg and demonstrates once more, that innovative, reliable and customer-oriented solutions, as well as a high level of commitment and reachability today are more and more demanded. With our new “Continual Improvement Program 2020” we want to convince our customers also in the future. We would like to thank all our customers for the good cooperation.


Since 2007 IMECS is one of the most innovative german companies for maritime ERP Software (ISM, ISO, MLC, PMS, Fleet Management System…). It stands for customer-oriented and highly convenient software solutions in the maritime market, where all of our products adjust to the individual user requirements.

The product portfolio ranges from software for technical management, time tracking (hours of work & rest), audit & inspection to quality and document management (QDMS) as well as many other products and services. For more than 10 years now, our customers can use our software as flexible cloud solution (internal / external hosting) or as local installation. With the use of PostgreSQL, IMECS relies like many other big technology companies on the world’s most advanced open source database which saves unnecessary high database costs and provides high performance.

The newest product „IMECS MIRA“ provides IT administrators now a powerful all-in-one solution to administrate and monitor their increasingly growing IT infrastructures worldwide, especially in case of aborted or limited connections (e.g. satellite connections). This reduces travel time and costs. IT professionals no longer have to publish passwords, write e-mails or implement complex local mechanisms as for example using the OS task planner to import complex admin scripts sent by mail. Forget about slow and traffic consuming screen sharing software and learn more here.

Information to all our products you can find here or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


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