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IMECS celebrated its ten-year anniversary on 1 July 2017. Ten years of professional software development according to the motto “Breaking the Illusion of Limitation”.

Company owner and managing director Sebastian Hagedorn commented:

“In 2007 we entered the market with a very special focus on our products and still represent this very successful: Software products are used by people and therefore the development of these software products should be focused on people, too.

We see software products as tools like all other tools in life. They must fulfill the requirement to facilitate daily life in the best possible way. In reality we unfortunately came to realize, that many software products are often too complicated in use. It starts for example with the operating system and ends with apps on mobile devices. Further negative development are constantly changing user interfaces (UI) without real innovation behind it. These permanent changes of many software makers force the user to adapt himself to the “tool software” time and time again, rather than the other way round.

Since 10 years our customers benefit from true innovation with high quality and durability of the utilized products. No need to permanently adjust to something new or steady trainings. This makes work easier, especially for beginners. That is why the input of all our customers is important to us and used for future development as well as product design. As always we’d like to thank all customers for their cooperation and look forward to the next 10 years of IMECS.”


Since 2007 IMECS is one of the most innovative german companies for maritime ERP Software (ISM, ISO, MLC, …). It stands for customer-oriented and highly convenient software solutions in the maritime market, where all of our products adjust to the individual user requirements.

The product portfolio ranges from software for technical management, time tracking (hours of work & rest), audit & inspection to quality and document management (QDMS) as well as many other products and services. For more than 10 years now, our customers can use our software as flexible cloud solution (internal / external hosting) or as local installation. With the use of PostgreSQL, IMECS relies like many other big technology companies on the world’s most advanced open source database which saves unnecessary high database costs and provides high performance.

The newest product „IMECS MIRA“ provides IT administrators now a powerful all-in-one solution to administrate and monitor their increasingly growing IT infrastructures worldwide, especially in case of aborted or limited connections (e.g. satellite connections). This reduces travel time and costs. IT professionals no longer have to publish passwords, write e-mails or implement complex local mechanisms as for example using the OS task planner to import complex admin scripts sent by mail. Forget about slow and traffic consuming screen sharing software and learn more here.

Information to all our products you can find here or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


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