Migrate now into the future! From AVECS to IMECS – and your data from TiTAN, QDMS & AIDA is already there…

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Many of our former AVECS customers did it already and today they are satisfied IMECS customers. Our references and hundreds of installations all over the world, speak for themselves!

The AVECS System

The AVECS system has become outdated over the past years and is not updated anymore. Furthermore, it is not fully supported by modern operating systems and generates high costs to keep it alive. The implemented technologies are old and therefore a high safety risk, for example the ADS database is file-based and without any security features such as a transaction-based database server provides in IMECS. Additionally, there are also no new features or other improvements.

For many of the remaining AVECS customers the question arises: What are the possibilities to receive a future-proofed but also a familiar system without huge effort and costs that arise with a complete new system and all the changes as well as the loss of your data? The answer to this question is easy!

From AVECS to IMECS – First-Hand Migration!

Switch now together with our specialists from AVECS to IMECS and continue to work seamlessly with your data from TiTAN, QDMS & AIDA. We migrate you into the future! Our developers – among them former AVECS developers – know the AVECS database and software strictly since we know it at first hand. Forget about months of conversion and retraining for complex new user interfaces and modules. The “Equipment Tree” or the “Counter List” still exist, with newest technologies & much more powerful features, well positioned for the future. The benefits are clear:

  • complete and seamless first-hand migration by our specialists, among them former AVECS developers
  • Data conversion of AVECS TiTAN, QDMS & AIDA
  • continue to work seamlessly with your data from AVECS in IMECS
  • no interruptions during migration
  • familiar UI (user interface): a great deal of adjustment is not necessary
  • switch to a system that is successful in the market for ten years
  • enjoy state-of-the-art features & technologies such as:
    • Very fast & easy-to-use
    • Multi-tier & real-time
    • Highly scalable & failsafe database server
    • Small, fast & automatic updates
    • Supports multi- and/or single-server work mode for all company sites
    • Modern & unique looking with more than 120 themes/skins
    • Enables completely paperless working
    • No large/slow frameworks
    • Video tutorials
    • various cloud operating modes:
      • Own Cloud
        (server & data hosted in your company)
      • IMECS Cloud
        (server & data hosted in data center by us)
      • No Cloud
        (server hosted in your company, synchronization in real-time or asynchronously [in case of limited or temporary connectivity])

Due to increasing demand of support and numerous requests for converting data of AVECS TiTAN, QDMS or AIDA, we decided to publish this article with general information about the possibilities. To receive further information regarding our products click here or just call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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